Health Care System Integration and Primary Health Care Development

Description and aims

This stream is focused on the role of primary health care in improving health and social care integration. Integration is approached at a number of levels and perspectives with the ultimate objectives of improving health and well being, service user experience and system efficiency/effectiveness.

Key current research areas
·         Primary Health Care System Development

is concerned with the development of organisations, systems, capacity and frameworks needed for a strong Primary Health Care system. This includes the organisational structures including LHDs, PHNs, and emerging Australian models of Patient Centred Medical Homes and Neighbourhood

·         Improving integration of services and continuity of care

is concerned with the way that different parts of health and related systems work together to provide comprehensive and well-coordinated primary health care. This includes integration within primary health care and with other sectors, including hospitals.

·         Access to Primary Health Care

is concerned with patterns of access to quality Primary Health Care. This work includes studies of access to primary health care for people with diabetes, using data from population health surveys and linking records from hospital and other data sets.

Key partners

Partnerships and working together at individual and organisational levels are central to improved integration. Key partners are therefore consumer and health professional representative organisations, PHNs, LHDs, community organisations and related sectors such as local government, education, employment etc.

Stream lead

Ben Harris-Roxas leads this stream



Patterns of utilisation of public oral health services amongst adults and children including the preventive and curative care they receive

This project will support the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) oral health policy and service directions through an exploratory study investigating the current utilisation patterns of oral health services provided in SESLHD. The study will utilise existing data sets available through the SESLHD Oral Health Service and the Centre for Oral Health Strategy to determine changes to service use related to recent initiatives, patterns of service utilisation and issues of access for a range of high risk population groups.

Primary and Community Health Cohort

The Primary and Community Health Cohort is a sub-study of the the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study.  It includes data on 31,000 Study participants living in central or eastern Sydney.   This is linked to data from NSW admitted patient and emergency department systems, Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and the NSW register of deaths.  




Commissioning Primary Health Care: a systematic rapid review

This rapid systematic review was undertaken for the NSW Ministry of Health to assist them in building an evidence base for commissioning primary health at the interface of acute care.

Describing models of emerging Australian integrated primary health care services

The Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, UNSW, is conducting a study to describe emerging models of Integrated Primary Health Care Services (IPHCS) that relate to major policy initiatives.

Developing an evaluation framework for the Integrated Primary Health and Community Care Services Program

NSW Health were seeking an evaluation framework for the Integrated Primary and Community Care Service (IPCCS) Program, a major component of their Integrated Primary and Community Health policy (2006-2011).

Developing performance indicators for Primary and Community Health services

NSW Health is seeking to develop performance indicators to support implementation of its Primary and Community Health Policy.

Divisions and Hospitals Integration Program

This project followed on from a national forum on GP-hospital integration run by CGPIS in 1997. It complemented the National Demonstration Hospitals Program phase 3, which was addressing the relationship between GPs and hospitals from a hospital perspective.




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