Student Research

We take Ph.D, Masters and ILP (Independent Learning Project) students across a diverse range of projects. Please read the information and follow the links below before clicking on the Online Enquiry button to make a specific enquiry about research opportunities.

Our postgraduate students are enrolled through the School of Population Health.  International students will need a scholarship to cover fees and living costs. Information on some scholarships which are available can be found in this section of the School website. These include scholarships from WHO or the Australian overseas aid organisation AusAid.

There are more details for future post graduate students on the post graduate research students website. You can get more information on the requirments for PhD students from the post graduate student coordinator in the School.  

Independent Learning Project

The Independent Learning Project has been designed to provide medical students with the opportunity to participate in an extended period of in-depth study in an area of their choosing. There are opportunities for medical students to do research projects with the CPHCE. 

Visiting scholars

We are committed to learning and knowledge exchange with other departments and universities, and welcome visiting academics from other departments and universities. If you would like to discuss this please contact: Professor Mark Harris. 

CPHCE partners

Our partnerships are an important part of our work. We see the partnerships between researchers, policy makers, practitioners, local communities and consumers in developing and implementing research as crucial for ensuing that our research is relevant and usable in policy and practice settings.

Our partners include: policy makers, Medicare Locals, Local Health Districts, local government, non-government organisations, other universities and consumers. These groups are integral to ensuring the success and relevance of our research. 

Employment Opportunities

For employment opportunites at the Centre please see the jobs@unsw website where available vacancies will be advertised.