Health Environment

Description and aims

This stream is in development and responds to the need and opportunities to co-create intelligence for better health at the interface between local, national and international institutions, the human impacted environment, and action on determinants of health. The stream builds on a long tradition of separate work across CPHCE hubs.

Key current research areas
  • Health and high density urban living

In this research area CPHCE coordinates data collection, dissemination and advocacy on high density residential developments across Greater Sydney. CHETRE convenes a group with Western Sydney, South Western Sydney and Northern Sydney Local Health District and Parramatta and Liverpool Council representatives; HERDU does the same around developments in Green Square.

  • Western Sydney Airport

This program focuses on supporting authorities in shaping policies and programmes that facilitate best futures for Western Sydney Airport scenarios. Health Impact Assessments are being carried out, and a research programme into the Healthy Aerotropolis is under way.

  • Healthy Urban Environments (HUE) Collaboratory 

This program brings together different universities and service providers to consider policy-relevant research programmes and strategies to support Healthy Urban Planning.

  • Key partners

Key partners in the stream and its research programmes are local communities, consumer groups and community advocates, health districts, local councils, and industry.

  • Stream lead

Evelyne de Leeuw leads this stream.



Healthy Airports Stage 2

To support development of a Healthy Airports concept with potential partners Liverpool Council, WSACo, ICAO, ACI and SWSLHD

Latrobe Health Innovation Zone Charter (DHHS-VIC)

To follow up on the Latrobe Valley post-Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry Health Innovation Zone, Assembly and Health Advocate development trajectory – consultations and development workshops for developing a LHIZ Charter

Linkage Development Support (UNSW)

To support development of an ARC Linkage grant on Healthy Airports with potential partners Liverpool Council, WSACo, ICAO, ACI and SWSLHD



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