Describing models of emerging Australian integrated primary health care services

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Jacqueline Schroeder

Associate Investigators
Julie McDonald, Gawaine Powell Davies


The Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, UNSW, is conducting a study to describe emerging models of Integrated Primary Health Care Services (IPHCS) that relate to major policy initiatives. Currently these are developing in relative isolation from one another and not much is known about the different models in terms of governance and organisational arrangements, integration mechanisms, services and functions.



1. Develop a descriptive taxonomy of IPHCSs that represent the major models currently emerging in Australia

2. Identify critical themes and issues regarding the future development of IPHCSs

Design and Method

Cross-sectional qualitative design, involving:
(a) literature review;
(b) analysis of publically available documentation;
(c) structured interviews with key informants