Our centre has two main committees, the Steering Committee chaired by , and an Advisory Committee chaired by We have five research streams and are members of two Centres of Research Excellence:

Prevention and Management of Long Term Conditions
This stream is a response to the challenge of long term conditions to health and health care services, these conditions include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease, cancer and mental illness. 

This stream is focused on the role of primary health care in improving health and social care integration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Health Environment
This stream is in development and responds to the need and opportunities to co-create intelligence for better health at the interface between local, national and international institutions, the human impacted environment, and action on determinants of health.

Action for Equity
This stream supports better and fairer health for families and communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Informatics and eHealth
This stream address the need for up-to-date information and knowledge management and exchange in the diagnosis and management chronic illness and, increasingly, co-existing multiple systems morbidity. 

CPHCE Executive

Our Executive Committee provides direction in regards to the day to day operation of the Centre

Voting Members



Mark Harris

Executive Director, CPHCE

Associate Professor

Freddy Sitas 

Director CPHCE


Evelyne de Leeuw 

Director, CHETRE


Siaw-teng Liaw

Director, WHO Collaborating Centre, SPHCM 

Dr Andrew Knight 

Director, ACPIU

Associate Professor

Ben Harris-Roxas

Director, SEaRCH

Associate Professor

Margo Barr

Director, Health Care System Integration Stream 

CPHCE Steering Committee
The Steering Committee ensures the efficient and effective management of the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, particularly in relation to:
  • management of finances and other resources (i.e. human)
  • research governance and integrity
  • adherence to all policies and procedures of UNSW and relevant external bodies
Voting Members
Prof John Watson
Senior Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW 
Prof Mark Harris
Executive Director, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, UNSW
A/Prof Freddy Sitas
Director, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, UNSW
Prof Rebecca Ivers
Head, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW
Prof Bill Randolph
Director, City Futures Research Centre, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW
Prof Ilan Katz
Director, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW
Sue Colley
Director, Allied Health, SWSLHD
Dr Teresa Anderson
Chief Executive Officer, SLHD
Tobi Wilson
Chief Executive Officer, SESLHD
Non-Voting Member
Ms Sarah Ford (Secretariat)Finance Officer, CPHCE

CPHCE Advisory Committee

The CPHCE has also established an Advisory Committee chaired by Emeritus Professor Ian Webster AO. The Committee includes representatives from all levels of government, several Universities, Area Health Services, public health, general practice and community health services, as well as consumers. Committee membership spans interests in general practice, community health, health promotion, public health, consumer participation, intersectoral action and health service management.

The Advisory Committee provides strategic advice to the CPHCE on research priorities and monitors the quality of the work that is being undertaken. It provides the CPHCE with critical advice on the direction of its research program helping to plan a coherent strategic direction while responding to opportunities as they arise. The Committee also plays a critical function in reviewing financial and academic performance. The Advisory Committee currently meets four times a year

Voting Members
Ms Tish BruceDirector of Community Health, SE Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service
Prof Mark HarrisExecutive Director, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity
A/Prof Freddy SitasDirector, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity
Prof Siaw-teng LiawDirector, WHO Collaborating Centre
Prof Evelyne de Leeuw 
A/Prof Ben Harris-Roxas 
Dr Christine WalkerChronic Illness Alliance