Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety (WHS) is important. Staff should follow all UNSW Australia policies and procedures and also of other organisations from whose premises they may be working. Below are WHS forms and Risk Management sheets that may need to be completed throughout your time here at CPHCE. They are also found in the Orientation and Research Project Management sections of the website. Please read the CPHCE Workplace protocol to assist you in your understanding all WHS procedures and forms. 

Office Work

HS Induction Form - CPHCE_HS_IF01

Office Work Risk Management - CPHCE_HS_OW01

Workstation Checklist - HS114

Working from Home 

Working from Home Risk Management - CPHCE_HS_WH02

Working from Home Checklist -CPHCE_HS_WHC03

Off-site work 

Off-site Work Risk Management - CPHCE_HS_OSW_(insert project number)


Travel Risk Management - CPHCE_HS_TR04

International Travel Risk Management - CPHCE_HS_IT_(insert project number and traveller initials) 

International SOS-manage risks associated with travel (UNSW site with support services and materials)