Improving the health of people who are unemployed through CBT training and support for employment consultants

Project Short Title
Unemployment and health DVD

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Elizabeth Harris, Vanessa Rose, Psy Health (University of Western Sydney)

Associate Investigators
Joan Silk

Other Team Members
Mary Morrow


CHETRE has conducted several studies into the efficacy and effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) in improving the health of people who are unemployed. This research has indicated that while CBT is effective in improving health, participant exposure to CBT and organisational capacity in supporting CBT interventions are crucial to successful outcomes. . The aim of this study was to improve the health and employment outcomes of people who are unemployed using the DVD film to deliver a pilot program combining CBT training for unemployed clients and support for employment consultants. This program builds on the previous work of CHETRE in this area. Previous participant and facilitator manuals will be updated to accompany the DVD

The DVD resource which utilises narrative and documentary styles is aimed at increasing access to the program for participants with low literacy in English. It will also provide extra support to facilitators who may have little or no training in CBT.

Design and Method

The program will be delivered initially at a community centre and will incorporate staff training and participant workshops. It will be evaluated using a pre-post intervention design with 3-month follow-up.

Ethics approval for this study was received through the University of NSW.