What is the place of Generalism in Mental Health Care in Australia: A systematic review

Project Status

Chief Investigators
David Perkins, Gawaine Powell Davies, Julie McDonald, Mark Harris

Associate Investigators
Anna Williams, Helen Lester

Other Team Members
Karen Larsen


This narrative synthesis addressses the following questions:

What roles do generalist primary health care providers currently play in provision of care to people with mental health problems in Australia?

2. What elements of mental health care are best undertaken by generalist primary health care service providers, taking account of the range of patients and mental health problems (including co-morbidities)? When should this be alone or in shared care relationships with specialist providers?

3. What are the workforce implications of different arrangements supported by the evidence?

4. How does this relate to current workforce and other primary healthcare initiatives in Australia?


To conduct a narrative synthesis of evidence for the role of generalism in mental health care in promary health care settings and to identify impication for the Australiam health care system.

Design and Method

Narrative Review

Key Publications

Williams A, McDonald J, Perkins D, Powell Davies G, Harris M, Larsen K, Lester H. What is the role of generalism in mental health care in Australia? General Practice and Primary Health Care Research Conference, Sydney, 23-25 May 2007.