Evaluation of Hospitalist Pilot Project

Project Status

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Karen Larsen


This project build on a series of CPHCE projects at local and national level on the integration and coordination of services in primary, secondary and between primary and secondary care. The hospitalist is an established role in the US but has not been introduced to date in Australia. This pilot study is a groundbreaking attempt to address important questions about the efficiency and quality of care in NSW, and the extent to which hospitalists can be effective agents of change.


To conduct a formative and summative evaluation so that NSW Health can assess the impact of the hospitalist pilot to inform decisions on its development and possible continuation.

Design and Method

Action learning research using multiple methods.

Key Publications

Perkins D, Powell Davies PG, Braithwaite J, Harris M. Evaluation report of the NSW Hospitalist pilot program. 2008. Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, UNSW.