Evaluation of multidisciplinary care plans for patients with type 2 diabetes

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Elizabeth Comino, Joan Burns, Mark Harris

Other Team Members
Tim Shortus, Sanjyot Vagholkar, Oshana Hermiz, Iqbal Hasan


In November 1999, the Australian Governement introduced the Enhanced Primary Care Package including care planning to promote multidisciplinary approach to chronic disease management in primary health care. This study aimed to examine the effect of multidisciplinary care plans on provision and outcome of care plans with type 2 diabetes.


To evaluate whether multidisciplinary care planning for patients with type 2 diabetes was associated with improved provision of multidisciplinary care: and whether process and outcomes of care were closer to national guidelines for diabetes care following the preparation of the care plan.

Design and Method

A retrospective before and after medical record audit design.

Subjects: All GPs working in South West Sydney were invited to participate. Patients of these GPs were eligible if they had type 2 diabeted diagnosed at least one year before the care plan, had a written care plan and had received care from the GP for at least one year before and after the care plan.

Measures: Main outcome measures included glycoylated haemoglobin (HBA1c), blood pressure, eye, foot, serun lipids, weight and urinary microalbumin checks in the year before and after the care plan.

Key Publications

Zwar NA, Hermiz O, Comino EJ, Shortus T, Burns J, Harris MF. Do multidisciplinary care plans result in better care for type 2 diabetes? Australian Family Physician. 2007; 36: 85-9.

Vagholkar S, Hermiz O, Zwar NA, Shortus T, Harris M. Multidisciplinary care plans for diabetic patients - What do they contain? Australian Family Physician. 2007; 36: 279-82