Analysis of patterns of diabetes care and their outcomes from division registers

Project Status

Project Coordinator
Mark Harris, Gawaine Powell Davies

Other Team Members
Jane Taggart, Qing Wan


Division registers provide longitudinal data on the quality of care and health outcomes for patients with diabetes in general practice. The Macarthur and Southern Highlands Divisions have 9 been established for more than 9 years.


This project will describe the quality of care and health outcomes for patients on two Division of General Practice registers over a 9 year period.

Design and Method

Extraction of de-identified data from the registers. Cleaning and analysis by year using cross sectional analysis methods.

Key Publications

A longitudinal analysis of Type 2 Diabetes Data from the Macarthur Division of General Practice. Authors: Jane Taggart, Qing Wan, Gawaine Powell Davies, Mark Harris, June 2006.

A Longitudinal Analysis of Type 2 Diabetes Data in the Southern Highlands Division of General Practice. Authors: Qing Wan, Jane Taggart, Gawaine Powell Davies, Mark Harris June 2006.

Taggart J, Wan Q, Harris M.F., Powell Davies G, Ruscoe W, Snow J, Pennock R. Quality of diabetes care A comparison of division diabetes registers. Australian Family Physician. June 2008; 37(6): 490 - 492.

Publication in press:

Wan Q, Taggart J, Harris MF, Jayasinghe U, Ruscoe W, Snow J, Powell Davies PG. Investigation of cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetes in a rural Australian Division of General Practice. Medical Journal of Australia.