The CPHCE publishes widely in peer and non-peer reviewed publications on its three research streams Health Systems Development, Health Equity and Chronic Disease.

Below are publication lists from 2000 onwards. If you would like to find out more about research prior to this time please contact us.

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The impact of health literacy and life style risk factors on health-related quality of life of Australian patients. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2016, 14 :68 Jayasinghe U, Harris M, Parker S, Litt J, van Driel M, Mazza D, Del Mar C, Lloyd J, Smith J, Zwar N, Taylor R, On behalf of the Preventive Evidence into Practice (PEP) Partnership Group Journal articles 2016
Are there bad foods or just bad diets? BMJ 2016; 353: i2442 Harris MF, Laws RA Journal articles 2016
Why is bigger not always better in primary health care practices? The role of mediating organizational factors Pineault R, Provost S, Da Silva RB, Breton M, Levesque JF Journal articles 2016
Is health impact assessment useful in the context of trade negotiations? A case study of the trans pacific partnership agreement Hirono K, Haigh F, Gleeson D, Harris P, Thow AM, Friel S Journal articles 2016
An explorative qualitative study on acceptability of physical activity assessment instruments among primary care professionals in southern Sydney Dutton SN, Dennis SM, Zwar N, Harris MF Journal articles 2016
We Need Action on Social Determinants of Health – but Do We Want It, too? Int J Health Policy Manag 2016, 5(6), 379–382 Evelyne de Leeuw Journal articles 2016
Are nurses well placed as care co-ordinators in primary care and what is needed to develop their role: A rapid review? Parker S, Fuller J Journal articles 2016
We Need Action on Social Determinants of Health – but Do We Want It, too?; Comment on “Understanding the Role of Public Administration in Implementing Action on the Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequities" de Leeuw EJ Journal articles 2016
Impact of nurse-mediated management on achieving blood pressure goal levels in primary care: Insights from the Valsartan Intensified Primary carE Reduction of Blood Pressure Study Carrington MJ, Jennings GL, Harris M, Nelson M, Schlaich M, Stocks NP, Burrell LM, Amerena J, De Looze FJ, Swemmer CH, Kurstjens NP, Stewart S Journal articles 2016
‘It Was Easier Because I Had Help’: Mothers’ Reflections on the Long-Term Impact of Sustained Nurse Home Visiting. Maternal and Child Health Journal. Vol 20 Issue 1 pp 196-204 Zappart S, Knight J, Kemp L Journal articles 2016