The CPHCE publishes widely in peer and non-peer reviewed publications on its three research streams Health Systems Development, Health Equity and Chronic Disease.

Below are publication lists from 2000 onwards. If you would like to find out more about research prior to this time please contact us.

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CPHCE Annual Report 2017 CPHCE Health care, Health inequities, Prevention and management, Primary health care, Primary health care informatics Research reports 2018
How health literacy and patient activation play their own unique role in self-management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Uday Narayan Yadav, Hassan Hosseinzadeh, Jane Lloyd, Mark Fort Harris Primary health care Journal articles 2018
Participation in Hospital in the Home for patients in inner metropolitan Sydney: implication for access and equity Elizabeth Harris, Elizabeth Comino, Jude Page, Mandy Burgess, John Cullen Primary health care Journal articles 2018
Care of patients with chronic disease: achievements in Australia over the past decade Mark F Harris, Ben Harris-Roxas and Andrew W Knight Prevention and management Journal articles 2018
Understanding the Impact of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Intervening to Improve Self-Management in the Context of Multi-morbidity Sameera Ansari Prevention and management Journal articles 2018
Multi-institution Research Centers: Planning and Management Challenges Spooner C, Lavey L, Mukuka C, Eames-Brown R Journal articles 2017
Longitudinal vocabulary development in Australian urban Aboriginal children: Protective and risk factors K. Short, P. Eadie, J. Descallar, E. Comino, L. Kemp Journal articles 2017
Sibthorpe B, Gardner K, McAullay D Furthering the quality agenda in Aboriginal community controlled health services: understanding the relationship between accreditation and continuous quality improvement Gardner KG, Sibthorpe B Journal articles 2016
Crafting health promotion: from Ottawa to beyond Shanghai de Leeuw E, Harris-Roxas BF Journal articles 2016
Aged care cohort in Central and Eastern Sydney: factors associated with report of a fall in the last 12 months - a preliminary analysis Comino, E., Harris, E., Islam, F., Harris, M. Health care, Primary health care Research reports 2016