The CPHCE publishes widely in peer and non-peer reviewed publications on its three research streams Health Systems Development, Health Equity and Chronic Disease.

Below are publication lists from 2000 onwards. If you would like to find out more about research prior to this time please contact us.

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Socio-cultural perceptions of SIDS among migrant Indian mothers. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. 2009;45(11):670-75 Aslam, H, Kemp,L, Harris, E, Gilbert, E Health inequities Journal articles 2009
The Australian Immunisation Handbook 7th Edition, National Health and Medical Research Council, May ATAGI Books 2000
Health Impact Assessment of the Northern Territory Emergency Response. Canberra: Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association and Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation, University of New South Wales Research reports 2010
Immigrant maternal depression and social networks. A multilevel Bayesian spatial logistic regression in South Western Sydney Australia. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology Barnett, BEW, Eastwood, J, Jalaludin, B, Kemp, L, Phung, HN Journal articles 2013
Social exclusion, infant behavior, social isolation, and maternal expectations independently predict maternal depressive symptoms. Brain and Behavior Barnett, BEW, Eastwood, J, Jalaludin, B, Kemp, L, Phung, HN, Tobin, J Journal articles 2013
Practice capacity is not associated with the provision of guidelines based clinical care for asthma. Respirology. 11 (supplement 2): A21 Barton, C, Proudfoot, J, Amoroso, C, Ramsey, E, Holton, C, Bubner, T Prevention and management Journal articles 2006
Management of asthma in Australian general practice: care is still not in line with clinical practice guidelines. Primary Care Respiratory Journal. 2009; 18(2): 100-105 Barton, C, Proudfoot, J, Amroso, C, Ramsay, E, Holton, C, Bubner, T, Harris, MF, Beilby, J Prevention and management Journal articles 2009
Entering the field: experiences from fieldwork conducted as part of the Practice Capacity for Chronic Disease Management Study. Paper presented at the General Practice and Primary Health Care Research Conference. Adelaide, 26-28 July Barton, C, Proudfoot, J, Bubner, T, Beilby, J, Grimm, J, Amoroso, C, Swan, E, Harris, MF Conference presentations 2005
When do GPs modify the care they provide to patients with chronic illness? Respirology. 11(supplement 2): A20 Barton, C, Proudfoot, J, Opolski, M, Ramsay, E, Bubner, T, Harris, MF Prevention and management Journal articles 2006
How patient-centred is Australian general practice? Health Issues 2005; 83: 14-17 Barton, CA, Proudfoot, J, Powell-Davies, PG, Bubner, T, Holton, C, Harris, M, Beilby, J, on behalf of the PracCap Research Team Primary health care Journal articles 2005