Introducing CHETRE's new Indigenous Health Lead - Suzanne Ingram

Posted 18 January 2017

We are very excited to introduce Suzanne Ingram, who has started yesterday as the new Indigenous Health Lead at CHETRE. Suzanne comes to us via The George Institute for Global Health. Suzanne is an Aboriginal woman of the Wiradjuri nation and brings extensive background in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and communication. She is currently completing a PhD on health communication at the University of Sydney, supported by the Lowitja Institute. Suzanne’s research is focused on better understanding communication needs to enhance outcomes from Aboriginal and  Torres Strait Islander health research.

She has also worked on breast cancer screening promotion, asthma awareness, heroin treatment programs and adolescent depression. Suzanne is Chair of the Redfern-based Black Theatre Company, board member of Mudgin-gal Aboriginal Women's Corporation and advocates for the Redfern Aboriginal Women’s   Alliance. Her play, Blackgammon - a study of indigenous sexual politics and footy fever - was given a professional reading at the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival. Her paper, Silent Drivers/Driving Silence - Aboriginal Women’s Voices on Domestic Violence, is published in the current edition of Social Alternatives.

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