WelcomeTo CPHCE !!

CPHCE welcomes new members to the team. You will find below information for new staff, supervisors, students and visitors. Orientation may vary between different CPHCE sites, please check with your supervisor for further details. You may also find the CPHCE Workplace protocol (found on the staff page) useful, which includes information about project management and UNSW Work Health and Safety.  


Orientation Checklist for new staff, students and visitors 

Orientation Checklist for Supervisors 

Working at CPHCE Randwick 

For information about......

Permanent/ Part -Time Staff 

Casual Staff

PhD/Masters/ILP Students

Visiting Staff 

CHETRE (Liverpool)

Orientation to be done onsite at CHETRE

Fairfield GP Unit

Orientation to be done onsite at Fairfield GP Unit