NSW Health Impact Assessment Project - Phase 3

Project Status

Project Coordinator
Elizabeth Harris

Chief Investigators
Elizabeth Harris, Sarah Simpson, Ben Harris-Roxas

Other Team Members
Patrick Harris, Marilyn Wise


Our work on health impact assessment began in 2003 when CHETRE was funded to explore the potential use of health impact assessment within the NSW health system, as recommended in the NSW Health and Equity Statement. The Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE) was successful in winning the tender to undertake Phase 3 of the NSW Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Project, 2005-2007. This phase of the project began in 2005 and will run for three years.


Phase 3 will build on Phases 1 and 2 with a view to integrating HIA into the NSW Health System as a tool to improve internal planning and decision-making, and as a way to engage external partners on initiatives which influence health outcomes.

Design and Method

The project seeks to build NSW Health’s capacity to undertake health impact assessment while researching:

  • how health impact assessment can be used to redress health inequities;
  • how health impact assessment can be used as a mechanism for intersectoral planning; and
  • approaches to capacity building.

Project activities centre on a “learning by doing” approach. Twelve sites from across NSW Health have undertaken health impact assessments, with 8 more to commence in 2006. Participants are supported by CHETRE through training, site visits, a health impact assessment helpdesk and online resources.

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