NSW Health Impact Assessment - Phase1

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Elizabeth Harris, Sarah Simpson


This project built on work that had been done by CHETRE in the development of the Health and Equity Statement nd in support of Healthy People 2005.


There were two main focusses of the project:

1. To support Area Health Service in the development of Health Inequity Profileas a means of building their capacity to develop relevent interventions
2. To undertake developmental work on HIA and building capacity within the health system to undertake assessment.

Design and Method

Health Inequity Profiles:

  • Support for Area Health Service in developing their profiles
  • Workshop to showcase profiles and identify key issues

Health Impact Assessment:

  • Identification of key stakeholders for HIA within NSW
  • Identification of a range of options for undertaking HIA
  • Workshops on current issues in HIA
  • Discussion paper on future directions

Key Publications

Harris E & Simpson S.NSW Health Impact Assessment Project. Phase 1 Report. Sydney: Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation, 2003.