Equity Focussed Health Impact Assessment

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Rosemary Aldrich, Mary Mahoney,Jenny Stewart Williams, Elizabeth Harris

Associate Investigators
Sarah Simpson

Other Team Members
Case study partners


A consortium led by the Newcastle Institute of Public Health sought funding to develop a HIA tool that had a specific focus on health inequity and to pilot this tool in five sites


The aims of the project were:

1. Develop an Equity Focussed HIA based on the development of a position statement and literature review.

2. Pilot the EFHIA framework in five sites.

3. Present the findings to an international meeting.

4. Finalise the report.

Design and Method

Literature review and case studies.

Key Publications

Mahoney M, Simpson S, Harris E, Aldrich R, Stewart Williams J. Equity Focused Health Impact Assessment Framework, Newcastle: ACHEIA, 2004.


Stewart Williams J, Aldrich R, Mahoney M, Harris E, Simpson S. Equity Focused Health Impact Assessment: working collaboratively for a strategic framework, Newcastle: ACHEIA, 2004

Harris-Roxas B, Simpson S, Harris E. Equity Focused Health Impact Assessment: A literature review, Sydney: CHETRE on behalf of ACHEIA, 2004.

HIA E-News on EFHIA Project (this can be downloaded from the webiste)

Harris E, Simpson S, Aldrich R and Stewart Williams J. Achieving Equity in the Australian Health Care System: Practical ways forward, MJA (letter) 180(6): 308, 2004.

Aldrich R, Mahoney M, Harris E, Simpson S, Stewart-Williams. Building an Equity focus in Health impact Assessment. NSW Public Health Bulletin 16 (7-8):118-119, 2005.
Simpson S. Morrow M, Harris E, Alrich R, Stewart Williams J. Equity focussed Health : a tool to assist policy makers in addressing health inequlaities. Environment Impact Assessment Reivew, 2005. 25: 772-782.