Health System Integration and Primary Health Care Development

Description and aims

This stream is focused on the role of primary health care in improving health and social care integration. Integration is approached at a number of levels and perspectives with the ultimate objectives of improving health and well being, service user experience and system efficiency/effectiveness.

Key current research areas

Primary Health Care System Development

PHC System Development is concerned with the development of organisations, systems, capacity and frameworks needed for a strong Primary Health Care system. This includes the organisational structures including LHDs, PHNs, and emerging Australian models of Patient Centred Medical Homes and Neighbourhood

Improving integration of services and continuity of care

Improving Integration is concerned with the way that different parts of health and related systems work together to provide comprehensive and well-coordinated primary health care. This includes integration within primary health care and with other sectors, including hospitals.

Access to Primary Health Care

Access to PHC is concerned with patterns of access to quality Primary Health Care. This work includes studies of access to primary health care for people with diabetes, using data from population health surveys and linking records from hospital and other data sets.

Key partners

Partnerships and working together at individual and organisational levels are central to improved integration. Our key partners are consumer and health professional representative organisations, PHNs, LHDs, community organisations and related sectors such as local government, education, employment etc.

Stream lead

Margo Barr leads this stream.



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Evaluation of a cervical screening project to increase participation rates of Nepalese and Bangladeshi Women

Evaluation of  a two year project involving implementation of a range of GP “in-reach” strategies to improve identification and targeting of women; community “out-reach” strategies to enhance community knowledge and participation; development of culturally appropriate information resources. 

Evaluation of Far West Mental Health Integration Programme

A new model of mental health care promised benefits for consumers and local mental health staff.

Evaluation of GP Medical Students Training Project

New medical schools are basing their clinical training in non-hospital settings, particular private GP settings.The project seeks to identify the potential impacts on GPs and whether they will be willing to act as trainers and educators.

Evaluation of Hospitalist Pilot Project

This pilot study is a groundbreaking attempt to address important questions about the efficiency and quality of care in NSW, and the extent to which hospitalists can be effective agents of change.

Evaluation of Macarthur GP after hours service - Stage 2

The current evaluation, for the funding period 2004-05, looked at the service in terms of the same factors as in the 1st evaluation. In addition, an economic evaluation was conducted to compare patient case mix costings between the service and Campbelltown Hospital emergency department.




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