Systematic literature review of models of comprehensive primary health care

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Julie McDonald, Jackie Cumming, Gawaine Powell Davies, Professor Mark Harris

Other Team Members
Pippa Burns, Martin Roland


The peak PHC research organisation (APHCRI) was interested in a systematic aproach to synthesis of information relevant to comprehensive primary health care models, and how this knowledge might be applied in the Australian context. Of particular interest is approaches being taken in primary health care settings in Australia and other countries to organise planning and service delivery within a local area and the structural, organisational, funding and governance elements of these models, and the different “interface” issues encountered.


The aim is to identify, describe and review the implementation and impact of system wide initiatives intended to promote access to and delivery of comprehensive primary health care services across the range of primary health care providers.

Design and Method

Systematic literature review

Key Publications


Journal article:

McDonal J, Powell Davies PG, Cumming J, Harris MF. What can the experiences of primary care organisations in England, Scotland and New Zealand suggest about the potential role of divisions of General Practice and primary care networks/ partnerships in addressing Australian challenges? Australian Journal of Primary Health. August 2007; 13(2): 46-55.

McDonald J, Harris MF, Cumming J, Powell Davies PG, Burns P. The implementation and impact of different funding initiatives on access to multidisciplinary primary health care and policy implications. Medical Journal of Australia. April 2008; 188(8): 69-72.