Qualitative study of two Superclinics

Project Status

Project Coordinator
Mark Harris

Chief Investigators
Grant Russell

Other Team Members
Gawaine Powell Davies, Nicholas Zwar, Riki Lane, Jenny Advocate (Southern Academic Primary Care Research Unit, School of Primary Health Care, Monash University) Elizabeth Bardoel (Department of Management, Monash University)


GP Super Clinics (GPSC) are a key component of Australia’s National Primary Health Care Strategy. They have been designed to improve access, promote inter-professional care, and optimise chronic disease management .


To explore illustrate the evolution of organisational and clinical routines relating to collaborative care of chronic illness  in the context of GP Super Clinics (GPSCs).

Design and Method

An ethnographic study was performed in two GP Super Clinics (GPSCs) between June 2011 and July 2012. A social scientist  analysed practice documents, conducted semi-structured interviews with clinicians, practice staff and management, observed management meetings, clinical and administrative activities and administered a quantitative survey. Interviews were conducted with 15 practice members at one GPSC and 16 at the second.  Analysis used a constant comparative approach.