Evaluation of Macarthur GP After-hours Service - Stage 1

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Nicholas Zwar

Associate Investigators
Elizabeth Comino

Other Team Members
Warwick Ruscoe, Dr S Goyal, Sharon Smith, Maree Wurth, Oshana Hermiz, Helen Parsons, Richard Cracknell


The General Practice Unit, Fairfield Hospital conducted the evaluation under a contract arrangement with Macarthur Division of General Practice. The Macarthur GP after-hours service (MGPAS) is located in Campbelltown Hospital near the Emergency Department (ED). It operates between 6-10 pm weeknights and 2-10 pm weekends with access to X-Ray and pathology.


The objectives of the evaluation were to describe use of the service by patients, evaluate appropriateness, efficiency and sustainability of the service, measure patient satisfaction, adequacy of care and provider satisfaction, evaluate change in use of Campbelltown Hospital ED and assess the extent to which the service contributes to a better understanding of the issues involved in after hours care.

Design and Method

Patient survey:

All patients using the service were asked to complete a pre-consultation and a post-consultation survey. A subset of patients were randomly selected and asked to complete a telephone follow-up interview a week following the use of the service.

GP survey:

All participating GPs and non-participating GPs who practice in Macarthur were surveyed.

Stakeholder interviews:

Structured face to face interviews were conducted with 50 stakeholders including key Area Health Service staff, Campbelltown Hospital staff and Community Organisations reps.

Key Publications

Elizabeth J Comino, Nicholas A Zwar and Oshana Hermiz. The Macarthur GP After-hours Service: a model of after-hours care for Australia. Australian Health Review 2007; 31 (2): 223-230.