Evaluation of Far West Mental Health Integration Programme

Project Status

Chief Investigators
David Perkins

Other Team Members
Karen Larsen


Rural and remote consumers have poor access to specialist mental health services. Community mental health teams have limited acccess to specialist support and advice. A new model of mental health care promised benefits for consumers and local mental health staff.


The aim of the program was to design and evaluate a new model of mental health service provision in the Far West of New South Wales.

Design and Method

Mixed quantitative (survey), quaitative (interview) and analysis of provider data.

Key Publications

Perkins DA, Roberts R, Sanders T and Rosen R. (2006) The Far West Area Health Service Mental Health Integration Project: A Model for Rural Australia? Australian Journal of Rural Health, Vol. 14, issue 3, p. 105

David Perkins, David Lyle (2005) Is the Far West Mental Health Integration Project making a difference? The General Practitioner Perspective. Australian Journal of Primary Health Vol 11 No. 3 pp 32-37.

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