Evaluating the impact of GP Hospital Liaison Officers in Australia

Project Status

Project Coordinator
Judith Lissing

Chief Investigators
Mark Harris, Gawaine Powell Davies


This project followed the national forum on GP-hospital integration in 1997 and the Divisions and Hospitals Integration Program. It was a response by DoHA to the emerging role of GPLOs and a wish to understand better their role and contribution to GP-hospital integration and how a network to support their work might be set up.


To describe the GPLO workforce and its role in promoting GP-hospital integration, and to review the possibility of setting up a national network of GPLOs.

Design and Method

National survey of GPLOs, consultations with key stakeholders, review of literature.

Key Publications

Lissing J, Powell Davies PG, Harris MF (2000). Bridging the Gap - the impact of GP-Hospital Liaison Officers in Australia. Integration Support & Evaluation Resource Unit, School of Community Medicine, UNSW