Evaluating access to and use of Primary Health Care: What does the 2002/03 NSW Health survey contribute?

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Elizabeth Comino, Elizabeth Harris, Mark Harris

Other Team Members
Oshana Hermiz


This study examined the extent to which data collected within the 2002 and 2003 NSW population survey Health Surveys provided information on the patterns of access to and use of quality primary care for participants with type 2 diabetes mellitus.


To test our conceptual framwork of access to and use the quality primary health care and using type 2 diabetes ananlysis as an example.

Design and Method

We identified indicators of quality care and described the population characteristics that predicted who these indicators applied to. A secondary analysis using descriptive techniques is being undertaken.

Key Publications

Comino E, Hermiz O, Harris MF, Harris E. Evaluating access to and use of Primary health Care: Diabetes-related Case Studie using the 2002/23 NSW Health Survey. Australian Journal of Primary Health. 2006; 12(3): 26-33.