Divisions and Hospitals Integration Program

Project Status

Project Coordinator
Jane Lloyd, Miriam Atakuman

Chief Investigators
Mark Harris, Gawaine Powell Davies

Other Team Members
Judy Lissing


This project followed on from a national forum on GP-hospital integration run by CGPIS in 1997. It complemented the National Demonstration Hospitals Program phase 3, which was addressing the relationship between GPs and hospitals from a hospital perspective.

Design and Method

A meta-evaluation of seven pilot projects, based on project documents, interviews with project staff and a consultative workshop

Key Publications

CGPIS (2000). GPs and Hospitals working together: case studies of the Divisions and Hospitals Integration Program. Sydney, CGPIS

CGPIS (2000). Proceedings of DHIP Showcase Conference. Sydney, CGPIS.

CGPIS (2000). Approaches to GP-Hospital Integration: lessons from DHIP. Sydney, CGPIS

Lloyd J, Powell Davies PG, Harris MF. Integration between GPs and hospitals: lessons from a Division-hospital program. Aust Health Rev 23(4):134-141

Lloyd J, Powell Davies PG, Harris MF (2000). Lessons from integration program - From the Divisions – ADGP. Medicine Today, Aug: 95-7

Sibthorpe B (2000). Brief External Review of the Evaluation of the Divisions and Hospitals Integration Program. Canberra, ANU