Better outcomes in mental health care - evaluation of access to allied psychological services programs - Macarthur division of General Practice

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Iqbal Hasan, Sanjyot Vagholkar, Nicholas Zwar


ATAPS programs have been established in Divisions across the country as part of the BOiMHC initiative. Local evaluations are contributing to a national evaluation.


The evaluations aimed to describe the patients and providers who participated, reasons for referral, clinical outcomes of patients and patient, GP and psychologist satisfaction with the programs.

Design and Method

A mixture of quantitaive and qualitative data was collected for analysis. Quantitaive program data was obtained from Division databases in a de-identified form. This included patient demographics, reasons for referral and psychological scores. Satisfaction data was obtained from semi-structured questionnaires and interviews with patients and providers.

Key Publications

Vagholkar S, Hare L, Hasan I, Zwar N, Perkins D. Better access to psychology services in primary mental health care: an evaluation. Aust Health Rev 2006: 30(2): 195-202

Conference presentations: papers

Vagholkar S, Hasan I, Zwar N, Comino E. Evaluation of an ‘Access to Allied Health Services’ program in a rural area. General Practice and Primary Health Care Research Conference Adelaide 26-28 July 2005

Vagholkar S, Hare L, Hasan I, Zwar N, Perkins D. Access to Allied Psychological Services - a comparison of two Division pograms. General Practice and Primary Health care Conference Perth 5-7 July 2006

Final report