Information-enhanced integrated care research in SW Sydney

Project Status

This program was initiated in 2009 with funding a part of Professor Liaw’s appointment to UNSW as Professor of General Practice and Director of the Academic General Practice Unit at Fairfield. The program leverages off the Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI) health service project, which was managed by a consortium of Divisions of General Practice and SSWAHS at that time. It was grounded on Professor Liaw’s eHealth research and that of the UNSW (Fairfield GP Unit, CHPCE, SPHCM and CHI). The aim is to develop a practice-based research network and health information exchange as a platform for ongoing grant proposals and establish the UNSW as a leader in health informatics research and development (Figure 1).

A survey of GPs about integration and integrated care in SW Sydney was conducted which confirmed a need for integration of health service in SW Sydney.

The research activities has since evolved into the electronic Practice Based Research Network Program (ePBRN).