GP Care Following Hospitalization In Complex Medical Patients

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Dr Shu Ching Yang

Associate Investigators
Professor Nicholas Zwar, Dr Sanjyot Vagholkar, Dr Sarah Dennis, Dr Helen Redmond


Patients with complex medical problems often have unmet needs, and are at risk of adverse health outcomes following hospital discharge. General practitioners are able to offer these patients continuity of care, and provide information and support to meet the patient’s needs. However, there is currently a lack of research about the perceived benefits of primary care follow up and barriers to accessing such care.


To explore the views of complex medical patients on the value of GP care after hospital discharge. The process of GP follow up and areas of patient perceived needs will be explored, and any barriers to follow up with GPs will also be examined.

Design and Method

A qualitative study involving semi-structured phone interviews of patients recruited from a district hospital with complex medical problems 2 weeks post discharge.

Details of GP follow up after hospital discharge and aspects valued by patients will be collected and thematically analysed. Factors contributing to patient satisfaction, areas of unmet needs and barriers to follow up will also be described.

Key Publications

Shu Ching Yang, Nicholas Zwar, Sanjyot Vagholkar, Sarah Dennis, Helen Redmond. Factors Influencing General Practice Follow Up Attendances of Patients with Complex Medical Problems After Hospitalisation. Family Practice. 2010;27:62–8.