Evaluation of Moving On: a self management program for people with a chronic illness

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Anna Williams, Mark Harris

Associate Investigators
Leah Bloomfield, Diana Aspinall, Karen Filocamo, Therese Wellsmore, Nicholas Maniolos


The main aim of the evaluation was to measure the effectiveness of Moving On in terms of self- efficacy, skills for self-management, lifestyle behaviour change and perceived improvements in health status.

Design and Method

The evaluation was undertaken in three stages:

Stage One: Pre-test (2007)

Stage Two: Pilot Study (2008)

Stage Three: Randomised Control Trial (2009-10).

Completion of the Moving On program was associated with improvements in some of the outcomes. Differences between groups as allocated were diluted by the high proportion of patients not completing the program. Thus, although completion of the Moving On program was associated with some positive outcomes, further monitoring and evaluation are needed of long-term outcomes and the impact in diverse populations. Moving On is a feasible self-management support option for health departments, non-government organisations and community groups and services, to consider supporting in conjunction with routine multidisciplinary care of a diverse range of long-term chronic conditions.