Diabetes prevention

Project Status

Project Coordinator
Cheryl Amoroso

Chief Investigators
Mark Harris, Nick Zwar, Gawaine Powell Davies, Suzanne McKenzie, Megan Passey and Gaynor Heading

Associate Investigators
Lisa Barnett, Karen Christensen, Qing Wan


This study aims to determine within general practice and associated services the feasibility, requirements, barriers and benefits/harms for an intervention to detect impaired glucose tolerance and impaired fasting glycaemia and to provide physical activity and nutrition interventions which aim to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in this group. This study is a qualitative and pilot study, in preparation for a larger study, that would look at effectiveness in real world settings.


The study aims to answer the following research questions:

1. How can all or most high risk patients be identified and recruited for screening in general practice? What are the facilitators and barriers?

2. What proportion of patients presenting for screening in general practice complete screening and are identified as not having diabetes, having diabetes, or having IGT or IFG or past GDM.

3. What are the likely proportions of patients with IGT, IFG, or GDM are referred for and attend intensive diet and physical activity programs? What are the facilitators and barriers?

4. What are patients’ views on the potential benefits or harms of diabetes screening?

5. What are the requirements in the community for providing the dietary and physical activity interventions? What is the current capacity to meet this?

Design and Method

Phase 1: Qualitative study

The phase aims determine the attitudes and views of GPs, patients, and division and AHS staff to identification, recruitment, screening, referral for physical activity and dietary education and follow up of high risk patients in general practice and the role of divisions of general practice and AHS in facilitating detection and prevention? Methods include focus groups and key informant interviews.

Phase 2: Pilot study

This is a pilot study of the screening, assessment, referral and follow up of patients at risk for diabetes in 2 general practices. GPs and practice staff, referral service staff and patients will be surveyed before and after the intervention.

Key Publications

Final Report