Barriers and facilitators to use of the asthma 3+ visit plan

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Nicholas Zwar, Elizabeth Comino, Iqbal Hasan, Mark Harris


The Asthma 3+ Visit Plan is an initiative of the National Asthma Council to promote organized care of asthma in general practice. A GP incentive payment is available to support implementation of the plan for patients with moderate and severe asthma. This study examined factors associated with uptake of the Asthma 3+ Visit Plan by GPs and GP views on barriers and facilitators to implementation.


To explore barriers and facilitators to Asthma 3+ Visit Plan in general practice.

Design and Method

Quantitative (mail survey of the GPs in five Divisions of General Practice)

Key Publications

Zwar NA, Comino EJ, Hasan I, Harris MF. General Practitioner views on barriers and facilitators to implementation of the Asthma 3+ Visit Plan. Medical Journal of Australia. 2005 183 (2): 64-67