Barriers and facilitators of influenza vaccination in high risk groups aged less than 65

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Iqbal Hasan, Mark Harris, Vanessa Traynor


In Australia, 42% of the adults aged less than 65 years with high-risk factors are currently being vaccinated against influenza compared to 79% of adults aged 65 and over. This indicates a considerable scope for improvement in the vaccination rates among the under 65 high-risk groups. This study was done to explore issues in relation to influenza vaccination among people aged less than 65 years of age with high-risk factors.


To explore the barriers to influenza vaccination among under 65 high-risk groups. Strategies to overcome those barriers had also been explored.

Design and Method

Qualitative (GP & Practice Nurse Focus Group Discussion)

Key Publications

Hasan I. Harris M. Traynor V. Barriers and facilitators to influenza vaccination among high-risk groups aged less than 65 years - views from general practitioners and practice nurses. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 2007; 31(6):558-61.