Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (TAPPC)

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Andrew Wilson, Sonia Wutzke, Alan Shiell, Sally Redman, Sarah Thackway, Adrian Bauman, Penny Hawe


There is need for government and non-government organisations to better understand how they can effectively influence health and non-health systems to support prevention and individual lifestyle change.  


The specific objectives are to:

- strengthen the research based for prevention

- synthesise evidence and make readily available what is known

- help activate an effective and efficient prevention system. 

The centre will develop and provide four system wide capacities: synthesis, rapid response evaluation, communication, systems science and implementation.

Design and methods

The Centre will concentrate on the range of programs, policies, funding structures, data systems, workforce capacities, evidence gaps, implementation experiences, collaborations, accountability mechanisms and even the language of prevention itself, that make it easier or harder to support healthy lifestyle choices and promote health equity.

Four Capacities are a key driver of the work of the Centre across its objectives and will significantly increase the extent to which policy agencies can create and use research to develop the prevention system:

(i)         Synthesis Capacity (SC):

(ii)        Rapid Response Evaluation Capacity (RREC)

(iii)       Communication Capacity (CC)

 (iv)      Systems Analysis and Implementation Capacity (SAIC)