Place-making and its impact on health outcomes among refugees in high income contexts: A systematic review

Project Status

Chief investigators
Dr Zelalem Mengesha, Dr Aryati Yashadhana, Dr Patrick Harris, Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, Ms Nina Serova

Project Rationale

A focus on displacement among refugees has limited the potential for place-making to promote health and wellbeing within the context of resettlement, including what can be learned from actions taken toward ‘replacement’ (e.g creating new roots in a place or resettlement) among displaced refugees. Understanding the restorative powers of placemaking, including what might constitute ‘therapeutic landscapes’ is critical to support the healing process of refugees during and after resettlement.

Project Aim/s

The aim of the review is to understand the association between place-making and physical and mental health outcomes among refugees in high-income contexts.

Project Design and Method

Systematic review