Evaluation of the Western NSW Integrated Care Strategy

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Dr Karen Gardner CPHCE; Prof Mark Harris CPHCE; Mr Terry Findlay CPHCE; Ms Karen Edwards Consultant to CPHCE; Dr Sue Kirby Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health, University of Sydney; Professor David Lyle Broken Hill University


The WNSW Integrated Care Strategy is a ground-breaking approach to implementing locally driven, regionally enabled integrated care across a large rural health district.  The strategy provides the opportunity for reform in health care and also to build the evidence base for system-wide approaches to integrated care. Findings will contribute to shaping the development of integrated care at the regional and state levels.


The overall purpose of the evaluation is to produce a high quality rigorous evaluation of the Strategy that will contribute to key learnings of what works in integrated care in the region and state as a whole. The results of the evaluation will be used to:

  •      Monitor and improve processes
  •      Share experiences
  •      Develop the evidence base for integrated care
  •      Develop understanding of costs and benefits of implementing changed models of care

Design and Method

 The evaluation is using a mixed method approach, drawing on program logics and on data collected through surveys, case studies, a costing study and interviews with a range of stakeholders to explore  strategy implementation, patient experiences and journey through care, impacts on service utilisation and costs.