Carers and Technology Research Project: Information needs and technology preferences

Project Status

Chief Investigator
A/Prof Ben Harris-Roxas

Project Coordinator
Jessica Harper

Team Members
Lisa Woodland (SESLHD), Gurdive Webster (SESLHD)

Project Rationale

Providing carers with easily accessible information when they need it is a priority of the NSW Carer Strategy, however little is known about these information needs, how information is currently accessed, and whether these needs and methods of access vary depending on people’s types of caring roles.

Project Aim/s

To investigate and describe the information needs of carers including the specific information needs of sub-groups of carers.

Project Design and Method

Semi-structured qualitative interviews with 15-20 carers. Data will be analysed with a focus on better understanding carers’ information needs, and carers’ current access to information.