Health and Housing Partnership Objective 2: Housing for Health Pilot

Project Status

Chief Investigator
Steven Conaty

Project Coordinator
Karla Jaques

Team Member
Steven Conaty- SWSLHD Population Health, Tara Vella- FACS, Fiona Haigh

Project Rationale

This innovative approach provides an opportunity to address critical housing maintenance at a time of maximum need (pregnancy)

Project Aim/s

The project aims to utilise the ‘HealthHabitat’ methodology in making changes to environmental conditions to improve health status and reduce the risk of disease and injury. The pilot aims to women who are pregnant and improve their housing so that the health of their newborn infant is improved

The project will  be conducted in a South Western Sydney in one areas however will be used as a pilot to inform scaling up in other areas.

Project Design and Method

It is anticipated that the project will be piloted and evaluated. The pilot steps are:

  1. Identification of client
  2. Screening of consents
  3. Contact with client
  4. Joint visit
  5. Repairs
  6. Evaluation/follow up visit