Consulting with people who matter: Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Liverpool

Project Status

Chief Investigator
Fiona Haigh

Project Coordinator
Andrew Reid

Team Member
Siggi Zapart

Project Rationale

Liquor license applications can potentially increase alcohol-related harm within disadvantaged communities in SWSLHD. A recent CHETRE led consultation about the spectrum of alcohol-related problems in the Miller community identified the top two issues being public drinking and access to alcohol. Stakeholders are able and willing, but generally lack confidence, knowledge, and skills to participate in the advocacy process to reduce alcohol-related harm in their community.

Project Aim/s

  • Development of a co-designed program
  • Program graduates with increased levels of advocacy knowledge and skills, increased confidence, and increased sense of empowerment
  • Developed campaign strategy for Miller
  • Campaign commencement

Project Design and Method