The Electronic Practice Based Research Network

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Prof. Siaw-Teng Liaw, Ms Jane Taggart, Dr Hairong Yu, Dr Douglas Boyle, Prof Mark F Harris, Prof Bin Jalaludin, , Professor Geoff Delaney, Dr Andrew Knight, Dr Michael Tam, Dr Blanca Gallego Luxan, A/Prof Vincent Wong

Associate Investigators
Ms Jenny Wright, Dr Sarah Dennis, Dr Isuru Ratnayake, Dr Joel Rhee


In the wake of growing health care needs of the ageing population, scarcity of resources and increasing costs of health care delivery in the management of chronic disease, many health systems have focused on promoting and monitoring safety, quality and cost-effectiveness – with the increasing recognition that up-to-date information and information technology is essential to achieve these goals. Routinely collected electronic health care data, aggregated into large databases, are increasingly being mined, linked and used for audit, continuous quality improvement in clinical care, health service planning, epidemiological study and evaluation research. 


The UNSW electronic Practice Based Research Network (ePBRN) is a network of computerised general practices, District Health Services and other public and private health care providers.

Two network neighbourhoods have been established in south west Sydney with one in Fairfield and the other in Wollondilly.

The UNSW ePBRN has established the tools and processes to collect/extract data from participating practices, aggregate, link and analyse the data to provide timely feedback to improve the quality of the data as well as to facilitate reflection by grassroots clinicians to generate grounded and data-driven clinical and population health questions. It is developing statistical and informatics-based methods, including ontologies and semantic web technologies to automate and sustainably manage “big data” extracted from multiple Health Information Systems to optimize the integrated and biopsychosocial care of patients with multiple chronic diseases, including cancer and mental health.


To share data extracted from health information systems to facilitate professional collegiality and coordination of health services, quality monitoring and research and development to improve health documentation, patient care and health outcomes in an integrated health neighbourhood.


The UNSW ePBRN team maintains a secure process to extract, link and analyse pseudonymised clinical data from health information systems, including electronic health records, to support the care of individuals and populations; audit and quality improvement activities; predictive modelling (e.g. of attendances at emergency departments or admissions); and health policy and planning through research and evaluation. Feedback on the quality of information and clinical and managerial indicators of care is provided to ePBRN members to enable reflection on the quality of information, care and outcomes.


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