The CPHCE publishes widely in peer and non-peer reviewed publications on its three research streams Health Systems Development, Health Equity and Chronic Disease.

Below are publication lists from 2000 onwards. If you would like to find out more about research prior to this time please contact us.

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PHReNet. 3+ Asthma Visit Plan Study, Research from the Ground up: NSW Primary Health Care Research Capacity Building Program, Sydney Zwar, N, Harris, MF, Comino, E, Doorbinnia, O, Bittar, H, Gonczi, J, Greenwood, R, Tan V, Lye, P, An, H Conference presentations 2002
Influencing antibiotic prescribing by prescriber feedback and management guidelines: a five-year follow-up. Family Practice 2002; 19: 12-17 Zwar, N, Henderson, J, Britt, H, McGeechan, K, Yeo, G Journal articles 2002
Multidisciplinary care plans result in a better care for diabetic patients. Paper presented at the General Practice and Primary Health Care Research Conference. Adelaide, 26-28 July Zwar, N, Hermiz, O, Comino, E, Harris, MF, Shortus, T, Vagholkar, S Conference presentations 2005
Diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in general practice. Oral presentation. IPCRG Conference 28-31 May 2008, Seville, Spain Zwar, N, Marks, G, Middleton, S, Comino, E, Hermiz, O Conference presentations 2008
Benzodiazepine prescribing by GP registrars: a trial of educational outreach. Australian Family Physician. 2000; 29: 1104 - 1107 Zwar, N, McKenzie, S, Wolk, J, Gordon, J, Sanson-Fisher, R Journal articles 2000
Bupropion sustained release: a therapeutic review of Zyban. Australian Family Physician. 2002; 31: 443-447 Zwar, N, Richmond, R Journal articles 2002
Smoking Cessation Guidelines for Australian General Practice. 2004 Edition. In: Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (ed). 2004 Edition Zwar, N, Richmond, R, Borland, R, Stillman, S, Cunningham, M, Litt, J Books 2004
Smoking cessation guidelines for Australian General Practice, Australian Family Physician 2005; 34: 461-465 Zwar, N, Richmond, R, Borland, R, Stillman, S, Cunningham, M, Litt, J Prevention and management Journal articles 2005
Development and evaluation of a primary care smoking cessation service. WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference Zwar, N, Richmond, R, Forlonge, G Conference presentations 2008
Travelling with medicines. Australian Prescriber. June 2006; 29 (3) 80-82 Zwar, NA Journal articles 2006