The CPHCE publishes widely in peer and non-peer reviewed publications on its three research streams Health Systems Development, Health Equity and Chronic Disease.

Below are publication lists from 2000 onwards. If you would like to find out more about research prior to this time please contact us.

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Teamwork in general practice: case studies. Sydney, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of New South Wales Bernard, DHO, Powell Davies, PG, Proudfoot, J, Zwar, NA, Harris, MF Research reports 2005
Where's the common ground? A survey of hospitals, community health centres and divisions of general practice in Australia, Australian Family Physician, 2000. 4: 378-383 Betbeder-Matibet, L, Fridgant, Y, Harris, MF, O’Toole, BI, Comino, E, Bolton, P, Powell Davies, PG Journal articles 2000
Practice Standards for Health Impact Assessment (Version 1). Oakland CA: North American HIA Practice Standards Working Group Bhatia, R, Farhang, L, Gaydos, M, Gilhuly, K, Harris-Roxas, B, Heller, J, Lee, M, McLaughlin, J, Orenstein, M, Seto, E, St-Pierre, L, Tamburrini, A, Wernham, A, Wier, M Research reports 2009
So What Will You Do With It? Collating Data In General Practice, General Practice Evaluation Program conference, Hobart Bichel, C, Burns, J, Carter, S, O'Toole, B, Powell Davies, PG Conference presentations 2000
Impact Evaluation of a System-Wide Chronic Disease Management Program on Health Service Utilisation: A Propensity-Matched Cohort Study. Billot L, Corcoran K, McDonald A, Powell-Davies G, Feyer A-M Journal articles 2016
A computer‐guided quality improvement tool for primary health care: cost‐effectiveness analysis based on TORPEDO trial data Bindu Patel, David P Peiris, Anushka Patel, Stephen Jan, Mark Harris, Tim Usherwood, Kathryn Panaretto, Thomas Lung Health system integration and primary health care development Journal articles 2020
'The Teamwork Study: enhancing the role of non-GP staff in chronic disease management in general practice', Australian Journal of Primary Health Black, D, Taggart, J, Jayasinghe, UW, Proudfoot, J, et al Prevention and management of long term conditions Journal articles 2013
Volunteer Home Visiting: A systematic review of evaluations, Sydney: CHETRE UNSW Black, M, Kemp, L Research reports 2004
Karitane Volunteer Home Visiting Program Evaluations, Sydney: CHETRE UNSW Black, M, Kemp, L, Samson, V Research reports 2004
Implementation of the enhanced primary care items requires ongoing education and evaluation. Ausralian Family Physician 2001; 30(1): 75-77 Blakeman, T, Harris, MF, Comino, E, Zwar, N Journal articles 2001