The CPHCE publishes widely in peer and non-peer reviewed publications on its three research streams Health Systems Development, Health Equity and Chronic Disease.

Below are publication lists from 2000 onwards. If you would like to find out more about research prior to this time please contact us.

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Towards a health promotion paradigm for airport development Alana Crimeen, Evelyne de Leeuw, Robert Freestone Primary health care Journal articles 2019
‘Sophisticated uses of social media’, Australian Science Communications National Conference, Sydney, 27-29 February Alford, Grant, W, Carruthers, K & Harris-Roxas, BF Conference presentations 2012
45-49 year old chronic disease prevention health checks in general practice. Utilisation, acceptability and effectivness. Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity UNSW and Australian Primary Research Institute ANU Amoroso, C, Harris, M, Ampt, A, et al Research reports 2008
45-49 year old chronic disease prevention health checks in general practice: utilisation, acceptability & effectiveness. Research Centre for PHC & Equity, School of Public Health & Community Medicine, UNSW & Australian PHC Research Institute, ANU Amoroso, C, Harris, M.F, Ampt, A, Laws, R, McKenzie, S, Williams, A, Powell Davies, PG, Zwar, N Research reports 2007
The risks and benefits of health checks in facilitating preventive care in primary health care. The National Health Care Reform Conference. March 2008. Linking Evidence Policy and Practice Amoroso, C, Harris, MF, Ampt, A, Laws, R, Harris-Roxas, B, Kemp, L, Mckenzie, S, Williams, A, Powell-Davies, PG, Zwar, NA Conference presentations 2008
The 45 year old health check: feasibility and impact on practices and patient behaviour. Australian Family Physician. 2009; 38: 358-362. Amoroso, C, Harris, MF, Ampt, M, Laws, RA, McKenzie, S, Williams, AM, Jayasinghe, UW, Zwar, NA, Powell Davies, PG Prevention and management Journal articles 2009
The detection and management of pre-diabetes in general practice: A study of current practices, capacity, and feasibility. NSW Department of Health: Sydney Amoroso, C, Harris, MF, Powell Davies, PG Research reports 2007
Pre-diabetes screening and management in general practice: current practices and feasibility. General Practice and Primary Health Care Research Conference, Sydney, 25 May Amoroso, C, Harris, MF, Powell Davies, PG, McKenzie, S, Passey, M, O'Donoghue, R, Zwar, NA, Wan, Q Conference presentations 2007
General Practice capacity for behavioural risk factor management: A snap-shot of a needs assessment in Australia. Australian Journal of Primary Health 2005; 11(2):120-127 Amoroso, C, Hobbs, C, Harris, MF Prevention and management Journal articles 2005
Validation of an instrument to measure inter-organisational linkages in general practice. International Journal of Integrated Care, 2007 Nov 29;7 Amoroso, C, Proudfoot, J, Bubner, T, Jayasinghe, UW, Holton, C, Winstanley, J, Beilby, J, Harris, M Primary health care Journal articles 2007