Academic Primary and Integrated Care Unit (APICU)

The academic GP Unit is a GP Registrar training and undergraduate teaching practice, located at Fairfield Hospital in Prairiewood, South West Sydney.Academic GP Registrar positions are available at the GP unit to provide opportunities for training in GP research and education. We service a culturally and linguistically diverse community, with many people originating from south-east Asia, the Middle East, South America and eastern Europe. We place great emphasis on clinically and culturally appropriate care in general practice.

The GP Unit is an integral part of:

  1. University of New South Wales (UNSW) School of Public Health and Community Medicine (SPHCM)
  2. UNSW Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity (CPHCE), and
  3. SW Sydney Local Health District Complex Care Stream

Our research focuses on systematic and integrated care of high prevalence chronic illness, prevention of chronic disease, health systems and informatics, data/information quality, and eHealth. To achieve our educational and research objectives, the GP Unit works closely with:

  1. UNSW Australian Institute for Health Innovations (AIHI) Centre for Health Informatics (CHI)
  2. UNSW Asia Pacific ubiquitous Health Research Centre (APuHC),
  3. Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research in SW Sydney
  4. Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council
  5. GP Synergy

Research capacity and infrastructure

The GPU hosts the UNSW Primary Health Care Research Network or PHReNet, which builds research capacity with primary health care professionals in Sydney (south, east and south west) along with its regional partners.

We have also established the tools and protocols for a 30-member electronic Practice Based Research Network (ePBRN)). We are currently recruiting beyond our pilot ePBRN in SW Sydney to form a NSW ePBRN in collaboration with General Practice and Primary Care departments from the Universities of Wollongong, Newcastle, Notre Dame, Western Sydney and Sydney. This is due to be completed by end 2012 and will cover the range of Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) remote areas. For more information, please contact Jane Taggart

Our Publications for sharing

Cultural Respect Program & Toolkit (CRP&T)

We place great emphasis on clinically and culturally appropriate care in general practice. In partnership with our local Aboriginal communities and with funding from the NHMRC (Project#509344), RACGP, we have developed and field-tested a Toolkit focused on a practice-based approach to facilitate cultural respect for our Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander patients. For more information about the Toolkit, please check out this poster presentation of the field study conducted in Melbourne.

With funding from GP Synergy and NSW Health Centre for Aboriginal health, we have adapted the CRP&T for Sydney and conducted the Sydney pilot study. As part of this process, we have named the Toolkit the WoTWoD - acronym for Ways of Thinking and Ways of Doing. The pilot study is now completed (May 2013). The report (dated September 2013) is now available. Please register at receive a copy and, if required, copies of the WoTWoD and relevant instruments.