Patterns of utilisation of public oral health services amongst adults and children including the preventive and curative care they receive

Project Number

Project Status

Chief Investigators
Julie McDonald CPHCE, Sharon Parker CPHCE (Project Coordinator), Rachael Kearns CPHCE, Claire Phelan SESLHD, Roy Byun Centre for Oral Health Strategy

Project Rationale

This project will support the SESLHD oral health policy and service directions through an exploratory study investigating the current utilisation patterns of oral health services provided in SESLHD. The study will utilise existing data sets available through the SESLHD Oral Health Service and the Centre for Oral Health Strategy to determine changes to service use related to recent initiatives, patterns of service utilisation and issues of access for a range of high risk population groups.

Project Aims

The aims of this project are to:

  1. Describe the demographic profile and current utilisation patterns of child and adult public oral health services in SESLHD.
  2. Describe any changes in the profile of children using public oral health services in SESLHD since the introduction of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
  3. Describe the perceived gaps in oral health service coverage in SESLHD.

Project Design and Method

This project is a collaborative process between the CPHCE, SESLHD and the Centre for Oral Health Strategy. The project will utilise a retrospective audit of administrative data to address several research questions relating to the demographic profile of clients, children, adults and clients with special needs (mental health, drug and alcohol, and homelessness) using the SESLHD oral health services, the services and treatments provided to these clients and changes in the patterns of utilisation following the introduction of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.