Expression of interest for CEO/ Research leader

Posted 27 May 2014

This position combines the roles of CEO and research leader.  As CEO, it involves working with the Executive Director and other directors to manage the Centre, support its development, and maintain strong and productive relationships with our many partners and stakeholders. As research leader it involves taking a leading role in one or other of the research streams. Combining these two roles allows the person to be a strong and credible leader, within the Centre and in working with partners and stakeholders including government.

This requires a person with a strong track record in relevant research or evaluation, experience in managing a complex organisation and working with a wide range of stakeholders, including government, health services and service providers, and consumer/community organisations.

The position is at level C (Senior Research Fellow) or D (Associate Professor). It is funded through an infrastructure grant from NSW Health, which currently runs until the end of June 2017 and has, in the past, been refunded.


To find out more about the Centre or the position, contact the Executive Director of the Centre, Prof. Mark Harris on 02-93858402 ( or visit our website where the latest annual report can be downloaded.