Nurse Led Models of Primary Care Short Course

Posted 17 October 2013

Nick Zwar from CPHCE and Elizabeth Halcomb from University of Wollongong contributed to a successful short course organised by the University of Melbourne and the Australian Medicare Local Alliance on “Nurse Led Models of Care: Development, Implementation and Evaluation”, held in Melbourne on 20th September.

The course examined different models of nurse led care and examined the evidence for effectiveness. Other speakers included Ms Lynne Walker, Associate Professor Kelsey Hegarty and Dr John Furler. The possibilities and challenges of extending nursing roles in primary care were discussed including the growing evidence on effectiveness but the need to consider a variety of models including specialised nurses and nurse led clinics, the need for better organised education and training and the need for a whole-of-practice approach to implementation. Consideration is being given to running a similar course in NSW in 2014.