Action for Equity

Description and aims

This stream supports better and fairer health for families and communities locally, nationally and internationally. There are three research programs within this stream.

Key current research areas

Children and young people

This program focuses on understanding the needs of vulnerable families and developing and trailing interventions to improve child and young people’s health, development and educational outcomes, including individual, family and service system interventions.

Communities and Populations

This program focuses on the health and wellbeing of whole communities and populations. Research in this program is conducted with communities, populations and organisations, and address planning and policies.

Equity Implementation and Social Innovation

This program focuses on building individual, community, organisational and service system capacity to effectively implement tools and interventions to improve health and development outcomes for families and communities.

Key partners

Key partners in the stream and its research programmes are local communities (particular the Tharawal community in South Western Sydney), consumer groups and community advocates, health districts, local councils, and industry.

Stream lead

Evelyne de Leeuw and Jane Llyod jointly lead this stream.



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HIA of the Emergency Intervention in the Northern Territory

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the implementation of the Australian Government’s National Emergency Response to Protect Aboriginal Children in the Northern Territory

How can the primary health care system better support Aboriginal people released from prison?

The purpose of this project is to understand how PHC can both improve access to health care for Aborginal people released from custody and also offer greater access to and coordination of social support services for former inmates in order to improve health outcomes.

Hunter New England Area Health Service Health Equity Framework

The development of a Framework to address health inequity for HNEAHS and the identification of appropriate tools and approaches that support the Equity Framework

Implementation of Healthy Planning Principles in Two Local Councils in New South Wales

This study examines how each Council has incorporated healthy planning principles within their contemporary planning practices in relation to a single policy that each council has implemented.




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